Seakeeper is the world leader in marine stabilization technology. Based in Maryland, Seakeeper’s innovative gyro stabilization technology is revolutionizing the boating experience, virtually eliminating boat roll, which is the primary cause of seasickness, fatigue and anxiety. Since their business is growing, they needed a solution to serve branded merchandise to their retail customers, internal teams, and their partner network. They looked to the FSR Network, Good Soil Agency and Brandscape, to reimagine their process, provide perfectly matched branded merchandise, and help prepare them for scaled growth with a robust inventory management solution.


We spent time with their leadership and stakeholders to uncover their use cases and outline clear buyer personas. We also confirmed how they needed to serve their 3 unique customer types and considered how their brand should be represented both online and in their apparel catalog.


Good Soil Agency and Brandscape delivered Seakeeper a scalable, e-commerce and branded merchandise solution comprised of a branded, responsive design Shopify platform and curated merchandise catalog. In addition to an enhanced storefront, behind the scenes they were now able harness real-time usage data to track inventory, while recognizing the merchandise as an asset on their balance sheet.
Seakeeper Shopify Website
seakeeper shopify site by good soil agency
Seakeeper e-commerce site by good soil agency
Seakeeper promotional merchandise by good soil agency
Seakeeper apparel accessories by good soil agency
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