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If it’s a wonder why Yahoo! trails their peers, their homepage could serve as one example.

They probably have valid reasons — data or demographics that prove their position, an experienced staff of strong thinkers who can validate why this still works. Maybe they’re being true to their users and their vision and it’s their competitors who are setting the stage, defining the Yahoo! brand?

It’s unclear. Though, sometimes you have to evolve and take your customers with you, kicking and/or screaming.

Everyone on their team must know this. They must wince each morning when they obligatorily check their company homepage or stock price.

How many Yahoo! staffers use to search each day? Their servers will show this. How many have Gmail addresses? Again, the data’s there.


Yahoo!, you have a wonderful opportunity to embrace a rebrand. Go big. You can do it.


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This is what a modern web portal looks like?

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