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Good Soil likes to work with clients to improve their brand, improve the bottom line.

Intrinsic to this is a strong sense of a larger world view — Take care of the planet, take care of our customers, etc. Spike Lee said it succinctly, Do The Right Thing.

That said,  the recent Pixies Gigantic song in an Apple commercial crosses a lot of lines for us. First off, the song’s real meaning provides a considerable disconnect to the commercial’s message.

But the biggest crime is that it’s the Pixies. It’s not Kiss. It’s not Hoobastank. It’s not O.A.R.

Um, but yes, I guess there’s Beatles selling sneakers, Lou Reed selling scooters…which, are actually horrible examples.

The point — Good Soil reserves the right to reject the use of any of its favorite bands in the selling of a widget.

There we have it! Don Draper just told the cigarette industry off.

(crickets chirping)




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