Oakley Sunglasses “A Story Of Disruption” Video Is Awful

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Ick. Oakley just stepped into a giant pile of buzzwords.

“Disrupt, lab, maverick, innovation, storytelling, radical new vision, DNA” — they have a “design bunker” AND…they “want to design a new and better future”.  Feels like an over-caffeinated Silicon Valley B-roll.

Jim Jannard has certainly been successful. From starting a business from the trunk of his car to the sale of Oakley for $2B in 2007, among owning a bevy of patents and more than one tropical island.

But, then there’s Lance, Pauly Shore, Oscar Pistorius, and sunglasses that look like Chronicles Of Riddick. Can anyone imagine Dirty Harry in Oakley’s instead of Rayban Balorama?

Besides Kevin Spacey narration, which is fabulous, there are too many cliches, buzzwords, and reaching, overwrought narrative arc.

Who’s fault is this? four23? Tom Cartmale? Or the elusive Millennial market that has marketers scrambling across the globe?

Oakley didn’t get to where it is by following memes. We’re hoping there’s a punchline here…”Oakley trolls the web with awful video.”

Waiting, waiting…

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