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Michael Lewis has a new book.

He’s on the media circuit doing a good job promoting and bringing attention to flash trading and a few seemingly altruistic enough to try to do something different.

Barry Ritholtz started a financial content revolution with The Big Short; he provides solid, palatable “reporting” on the Wall Street with his blog. Insidery, smart, snarky, and like all financial blogs, full of misspellings and typos.

To the point: This recent Flash Boys post, by Bob Lefsetz, has a lot of takeaways. From the marketing/branding perspective, he argues that there’s no real teasing a launch. Too noisy, too much data. He lists Radiohead, Beyonce — that they had their moments, but now you should just go big, or go home; don’t use a faucet, use a fire hose (Disclosure: intense summarizing/editorializing by Good Soil here). And to be clear, there are several other debatable home-run points within this article. We like.

Tuff to say if his tactic is correct, b/c it really depends.

Pearl Jam did a really good job teasing their latest release. Granted, probably most relevant to their existing audience, but that audience is big and has purchasing power. So, in other words, IT DEPENDS ON YOUR SITUATION.

Read a lot, pay attention to what others are doing, and what the market’s responding to — then find your center, decide what you do well, define your goals, define your brand, then put together a plan that’s realistic, affordable, and tied to a measurable ROI, and execute, then measure and adjust.

Manage your own hype machine.




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