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Is it just us, or did Stephen King sorta ruin the clown thing?

McDonalds unveiled the new look of Ronald McDonald, a reprise, sorta. As a brand ambassador, there’s probably none more widely known.

Kevin Newell, McDonald’s Chief Brand Manager, says, “He is the best ambassador we have for children’s wellbeing and promoting a balanced lifestyle and getting active.”

There’s a lot to unpack in that quote; the realities of modern nutrition, reviving a legacy icon, growing awareness for a beyond ubiquitous brand, some indication of their customer demo, and a pretty big “wellness” speed bump to get over.

AND, since the internet has given the world unparalleled snark and limitless commentary (insert It book/movie here), doing a clown meme correctly is tuff work.

Even this post will set off different brand associations. Hopefully, for Kevin, this won’t go viral. Though, he already knows those odds.

Do the groundwork. Brand well.

This is what some of us might think if the clown meme isn't done just right.

Did Stephen King ruin the clown for us?

2014 Ronald McDonald

This is McDonald’s updated brand ambassador, Ronald McDonald

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