jojos posters header logo by good soil agency


Jojo’s Posters and Jojo’s Fine Art needed an updated, better performing website to sell an extensive collection of rock-n- roll, movie, and limited, fine art poster prints. They looked to Good Soil for the next wave of their digital evolution.


In addition to logo development and a rebrand, Good Soil moved Jojo’s Posters and Jojo’s Fine Art websites to a Shopify platform to deliver clean information architecture and user experience. The agency then developed the layout to simplify navigation, improve product presentation, and optimize customer experience.


Jojo’s Posters Shopify Website
Jojos Posters Shopify Site by Good Soil Agency
jojos posters shopify site by good soil agency
Jojo’s Fine Art Shopify Website
Jojos Fine Arts Shopify Site by Good Soil Agency
jojos fine art webpage by good soil agency
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