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The human eye sees images before text.

Stop giving me 300 words about your cat, your cutting board, the CSA where you get your veggies, or how your wife loves when you make ceviche. Get. To. The Point. Give your reader/viewer the goods.

Content Marketers are awash here. Which way is up? Did ya get your ideal 300 words? Outbound links? Alt Text looking good? Will this be viral enough?

In 5 seconds your reader is gone. Save the verbosity for the Dostoyevsky book club.

Maybe they should let their Creative Director take the reigns?

SEO geeks will tell me this post is too short to score high on organic search. Boo! But — to our point — this Whole Foods FB Post caught our eye.

Not that we wanted to “Quick Pickle” this AM, but now, heck, why not?

(running to kitchen)


(And @Chila Sanchez — You’re either a paid Whole Foods commenter or insane. Someone block her, already.)
(And @Cyrus Hojjaty — You probably have a $300 phone in your pocket. You’ll be okay.)


Good Design Tells The Story

Good Design Tells The Story In This Quick Pickle Infographic. Keep. It. Short.

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