We [heart] Ronda Rousey

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We’re crazy about Ronda Rousey.

She’s tough. Smart. And she’s fierce, both in and out of the octagon.

She’s building a successful career and a brand. She’s playing out the ability to literally be a fierce warrior in the ring and yet balance it with polished, red carpet sass. Check out her dish at Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

This interview with CNBC shows she’s already thinking about her brand in a smart way.

She already knows the need to be true to herself.

When the brand is YOU, it takes this approach to a higher need of sincerity. Any successful brand must back up its claims. And when one of the claims is knockouts, or “tap out”, then the bar is even higher.

Be true to your brand’s core. And don’t pull punches.

Oh, get Mike Tyson talking about you and you know you’re onto something.

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