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Bottle openers, coasters, key chains, stickers, and the perennial “Koozie” – There’s no better way to describe it than “swag”.

The value of swag is its allowance of mass-market appeal and distribution. Swag offers low cost, high volume marketing opportunities and has a place within any e-commerce, retail, or event-merchandising strategy.

To do swag correctly, a deep consideration of your messaging strategy is critical.

Some items provide long term branding utility, but have limited imprint areas. If the intent is to share Hemingway beer quotes,   then it’s not going to deliver the best results.  However, beer coasters are great spaces for lots of information. And for some beer lovers, these can be collectible mementos.

Most swag items are screen-printed or printed digitally. Though, dye sublimation is growing because technology and equipment prices have become more affordable. Dye sublimation allows full color on small quantities, and is great for athletic apparel like cycling jerseys and running shirts because of its breathability. The ink from the decoration becomes a part of the fabric instead of a thick layer of impermeable ink.

Fun fact: “Koozie” is a brand name, but operates in a similar way to how we use “Xerox” or “Google”.

Other nicknames for the Koozie are: beer hugger, beer rubber, lovely pupper [scratches head]. As well as, Coolie, or Kan Kooler. All of which are not to be confused for one of our fav experimental rock bands Can

Koozies, or the insulated beer wrap, are a main stay for events, weddings, boating, sport events, college parties, or on the back deck. As long as you stay away from the poorly constructed options, your brand will have some staying power because these have the ability to stick around.

In addition, they’re inexpensive and quick to produce. And like bottle openers, if you can assess the time horizon for its lifecycle, the cost per impression continues to drop with each passing month.  

Speaking of timelessness – tin tackers are the standout flair that breweries deploy over and over. We all remember the “flair” made indelible in the movie “Office Space” Tin tackers are a favorite of beer distributors. It’s an easy touch point for sales reps as they make their rounds. And they are a tactile reminder to onsite customers of their potential tasting options.

Craft Brew swag helps fans celebrate great times. A well played product catalog will deliver a steady stream of brand loyalty.

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