3 Ways To Sell More Craft Brewery Merchandise

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This is how to sell more craft brewery merchandise…starting today.

1) Offer great merchandise. This includes selecting great materials, like cotton and synthetic blends. Provide modern fits and styles that offer form-fitting options and are more likely to have appeal. Then, match these quality materials and fit options with decorations and designs that drive home the brand experience. This might be a logo, or it could be imagery that is synonymous with your branding. Remember – This merchandise should be something you would be proud to wear yourself.

If you don’t have imagery or designs that are up to par, then regroup on your brand, establish a foundation, robust style guide, and create appropriate, cohesive imagery.

2) Make it easy. Your online store should be prominent and easy to find. It should have a sensible user experience on par with other common e-commerce stores within your category. Google: craft brewery merchandise, that might be a suitable start. 

If good design doesn’t immediately make sense to you, then you need to visit a dozen e-commerce stores and see how you stack up. Start with Amazon.com check out Zappos.com. If your site isn’t reasonably within the same stratosphere, then you need to make a few tactical UX/UI (read: design/navigation) changes and make sure you’re not impeding sales because your website is a bad experience. If you don’t know where to start, then email us: info@goodsoilagency.com, and we’ll give you a free review.

Consider this — The checkout process should be quick and intuitive. Follow the “3 click rule.

In addition, provide shipping options that make sense in relation to the cost of the item. If you charge $11 to ship a $15 t-shirt, you’ll find a high ratio of abandoned carts. Read more about how Good Soil Agency does shipping right, especially when it comes to craft brewery merchandise. We are, after all, Shopify Experts. 

3) Make great beer. This is the bottom line for a brewery and is nearly a guaranteed cure all. Great beer makes great occasions. It also creates a fan base. Your biggest fans buy t-shirts, hats, and swag to celebrate their good times. So, make sure you’re creating good times to be had!!!

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