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Craft Brewery Gift Shops 

Brick and mortar stores, once thought to be at their end because of the internet, are reimagining themselves as tangible brand experiences that provide additional value for merchandise programs. Onsite customers seeking impulse purchases find a welcome reception in taproom gift shops.

We know what you’re thinking — This sounds odd.

Well, Amazon is doing it, and they are the masters of e-commerce. Amazon is about to overtake Macy’s as the largest apparel retailer in the USA.  At the heart of their brick and mortar strategy is the belief that their stores will tap into new sets of customers.  

Like brewery tours and taprooms, retail gift shops can take your brand experience beyond the taproom shaker pint. And just like the online store design (UX, warehousing, order fulfillment), the retail shop needs play in the same sandbox and utilize a similar set of tools.  

To do a retail store correctly, monitor usage, set a calendar, and plan orders quarterly. This will maximize per-item discounts and keep items in stock. Though, remaining nimble is easy. When a tour bus pulls in and cleans out the gift shop, the next delivery can be only a day or two away.

Store layout is important, too. It’s a reflection of the experience you want to provide. And since it’s not the entire focus of your taproom, it will need to find a way to be effectively incorporated into the floor plan. This is a well-understood psychological data point. 

Read these:

Taproom layout

Store layout and this, too

Overall, a strong product catalog strategy will deliver the best sales, even if your gift shop happens to be a beer crate, crammed in the corner of your emergency exit.

Beyond item selection and decorations, buying at volume guarantees the best pricing and cost savings. One example of how this takes shape is a t-shirt strategy that promotes the global brand, instead of one that focuses on each individual beer release. This plays into the law of volume – buying bigger, less frequent batches and you’ll earn the best rates. Which plays into yet a bigger law – make great beer, deliver memorable experiences, and sell great merchandise. 

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