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There’s not a single more popular branded merchandise item for craft breweries than the craft beer t-shirt. Hands down, it’s what customers want to purchase. Made immortal by the phrase, “Been there, done that, got the Tshirt

From across a room you can spot a t-shirt catalog, it’s an inch think.  If you haven’t experienced that type of snow-bling, just understand now that there are options on options on options. Often a ten-minute chat with an expert can save you a lot of time (raises hand).

To pick the right t-shirt, start with the buyer persona and think through the context. For example, if this is for a one-day event, like a paintball tournament or muddy flag football game, select a white cotton, one-color, single imprint for $5 and keep costs down. The Gildan 2000 is the best seller. It’s your workhorse. 

If the use case requires a longer period of time, for a more loyal, dedicated fan, then consider 4 color, multi-imprint, synthetic / cotton stretch blend. A discharge, dye sublimated, or digital print will deliver a retail-level look and feel. A little more consideration might also yield better form-fitting shirts vs. boxy shirts that are the equivalent to “dad jeans”. Be honest with yourself, if you won’t wear it, neither will your customers.  

Along with use case and context, the ability for a customer to continue to connect with your brand multiple times per month, over an extended period, drives the cost-per-impression ratio down significantly.  

There are also higher end brands, like Nike, Under Armor, Marmot, or Patagonia that elevate your brand experience. Some craft brewers like the co-association of these apparel brands. This strategy can sometimes limit pricing options and imprints. For instance, Patagonia volume pricing is not a deep discount as compared to traditional apparel brands. They limit decoration options, and carry licensing considerations, but a Shopify Expert  who has experience with the nuance of branded merchandise can deliver the right solution for the perfect craft beer t-shirt to fit your operation.

Make great experiences, deliver great merch.


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