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Optimize mobile e-commerce sites to increase brewery merchandise sales

Mobile phones have taken over the world. Even the Masai Warriors, who live in areas of Tanzania, use cell phones. Mobile search has also now surpassed that of desktops. It’s a global phenomenon that does have its pitfalls.

Breweries and taprooms need to optimize mobile e-commerce sites for the modern, human condition of “mobile first”, since it’s a use case that demands different approach than desktop usage.    

When customers search on mobile they’re seeking quick information. They could be looking for the hours of your brewery, latest draft releases, or they might just want to buy a shirt. Better yet, they might be nearby and looking for the address.

Here’s a few things to optimize mobile e-Commerce: 

Scanning vs. reading: Your potential customers are operating within a scanning environment, not a reading environment.  Keep the copy short and to the point. Think about how visitors scan in “F Patterns” (for mobile or otherwise). 

Responsive Design: Build one website that automatically conforms to mobile, desktop, and tablet. Using admin tools to alter which information takes priority, keeping to the absolute necessary basics, target users with best UX/UI and info, depending on the application. 

Fingers vs mouse: This is not an Onion headline. Make text at least 12pt so that it’s big enough to read while walking or stepping off a curb. Make buttons clear and simple enough for a finger to touch to purchase. And provide enough space between lines of copy. Let’s hear 3 cheers for sausage fingers!!!! 

Speed: If there were a single, ever-present aspect of everything digital, it would be speed. Make it fast. Optimize images, menus, caching, and make the user journey unequivocally clear for a successful browsing and checkout.

Context: The context makes a difference. There’s a difference between people searching for brewery hours, beer t-shirts, or seasonal beer releases. Use Google Analytics to see what customers are searching for in relation to your brewery on mobile vs desktop. When people are using their mobile phones, they’re ready to take action. Google, the knower of all things, says “Mobile has changed people“. No kidding, really? 

There is a counterpoint to following the herd. Craft Brewers, known for being independent thinkers, might consider “Brutalist” design trend. However, first impressions are just as important online as inside your brewery or taproom. Though, it’s still a trend, so the irony is not lost on us.

Here’s a final quick list of things you should be paying attention to: E-commerce shopping best practices, Page Speed, Navigation, and Shopify always has the final word.


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