Beer Hats

Beer Hats For Craft Brewers

Headwear is a fun, high utility merchandise item that continues to be a top seller for the craft brew category.

When considering the perfect hat for your craft brewery, consider the audience. Who are you serving – Punkers? Soccer Moms? Beer Bros? Dude Perfect? Dads? College kids? Mountain Bikers

Your buyer profile makes a difference in the final product selection and best design and decoration options, like structured or un-structured, low or high profile, mesh or insulated backs.

For example, high profile hats are most often associated with the classic trucker hat style, which trend toward a younger, male demographic. This is not often a fit for feminine audiences; they typically lean towards, athletic, low profile fits.

The next considerations are decoration needs, since decoration space can change depending on the selected construction and style options. 

Don’t forget about the back closure – snaps, buckle, Velcro, or flex fit. If you’re looking to apply your logo to the back of the hat, the buckle style or flex fit are good options.

Hats are a real world example to how foresight with logo design can deliver real wins and losses. There is basically a 2×5 in. space in which to decorate a hat. If the logo only is represented in vertical orientation, there will be limited options to make it work effectively without jeopardizing your brand standards.

Custom decorations also have a wide range of execution options. Like most apparel, the longer lead-time, the more custom they can be. For example, printing on the bill is most effectively accomplished before the hat assembly. Patches and digital printing can provide quick turn around, while woven and embroidery provides a more high-end experience with longer turnaround times. 

And like a nice dinner jacket, with a flash of color on the inside panels, team colors, logos, or names work well on the inside of hats for those moments when you need to take it to the next level. 

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