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Ford And Chevy duke it out.

All politics aside, Chevy started this with a bold indictment of the modern American condition. Like it, hate it, regardless, they put a flag in the sand. Ford, in a witty move, put an equally bold flag in the sand; a counterpoint to what some may call the All-American-Apple-Pie-Gusto.

In the end, they were each pulling from the fabric of their Brand positions. In this case, Classic vs New (?). Lots of ways to describe it, but not hard to see how a classic winner and a new contender (electric car) could find themselves on different sides of a coin. Good narrative rife with underpinnings.

Probably not a zero sum game here.

These ads got free media coverage. Got people to think about two good brands, good products. Win. Win. Good Soil hadn’t thought about either until we had to contemplate these ads. Nice work.

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