Star Wars: The Force Awakens (a giant audience)

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Star Wars is about to awaken a giant audience.

In marketing terms, there’s nearly 40 years of “storytelling”, “narrative”, and “content”, that is about to begin a new chapter.

Does this movie even need a marketing budget? Is this not the greatest example of the “anti-marketing” movie?

  1. Who doesn’t know about Star Wars?
  2. Do you really need a team spending time / money on promotion?

This “brand” has built one of the most interesting narratives of the last century. It shares a many traits of religious canon. And if you quickly surveyed online media’s frame-by-frame breakdown of each trailer (for clues), then you’d clearly see a devout following.

This is word-of-mouth at its greatest. This product is the marketing.

Lessons learned: Make an undeniable product and the marketing is done for you.

Good Soil Agency is looking forward to the IMAX premier.


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