New York Times Ups Their Direct Mail Game

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If you know us, you know a few things. We love good design. We love strong, accurate news sources. We have a lot of experience in print news media…and we receive new york times direct mail.

So, we wrote this blog post, about how we could help the New York Times direct mail perform better for their subscription marketing. Really, this was about better matching their design with the experience of their news, their product, and their brand.

We had some good conversations with them. They sorta didn’t get it, didn’t want to get, didn’t have time. Fair enough. It’s tough making a buck in print media (predominantly print media) and design agency startup. To get a random call from some guy who thinks he’s got a golden ticket to save print…(crickets chirping). Let it be known, it wasn’t a silver bullet,  but like science, the idea was about providing incremental improvements and innovation.

That said, we got the direct mail subscription marketing yesterday and were pleasantly surprised.

nyt direct mail good soil agency


Good work, New York Times. It’s a step in the right direction. See you in 2020.



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