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Sometimes in life it takes others to say what you are thinking. This is one of those times.



It could be your business card (leave a side blank for notes). Your coffee machine (just use a French Press). Your car (thanks, but we can still drive it ourselves, manually). Traffic engineering (people go to school for this, right?). Your watch (time/date is sufficient, thanks). Wearable tech (I dare you to give me one more thing that needs charging).

And of course, your website. Too much.

Unearth your reason to believe. Then market the heck out of it.

That said, along comes this guy, Richard Littauer.

Please. And. Thank you!

This Tech Cocktail quick  interview is great:

Keen pull quote:

Q: As a UX designer, why is it important to design like the user is drunk?

A: “It’s important for a couple of reasons, not least of which in that your users may in fact be drunk. Beyond that, a drunk user is a pretty good model for how your users may be different than you. As designers, we know our sites intimately; our users won’t, and they’ve got to be able to get what is going on fast. Errors we might miss, they might see immediately – especially involving interacting with forms[ and] buttons. Another good reason is that no one is going to give your site 100 percent of their mental attention; we’re all busy thinking about other things while surfing the web, so it’s good to make a site simple enough for someone without full mental awareness to navigate.”
Keep it simple. Know your story. Tell it in a blink.


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