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Good Soil Agency is staking its claim at the front of the vitriolic-internet-opinion line.

Well, not exactly vitriolic, but here’s our thoughts on Adweek’s “Best Ads of 2015”.
Big thanks to Adweek for all the work. We agree with their picks. We [heart] Adweek, et al.

We rate these advertising gems on a 10 point Good Soil Groundwork scale:

1 = Fire your CMO
10 = Q4 bonus checks

10: Android “Furever”
Our take: We love animals, so this is an automatic win. Though, we’ve watched it twice and can’t remember who the ad is for or what they’re selling. No matter, monkies move markets!

Rating: 3.75

Suggestions: Slather an Apple Watch with peanut butter, have the hound order lunch, delivery.

9: Nike “Short a Guy”
Our take: The Sports content vertical provides limitless creative options, a la famous cameos and idolatry of pro athletes. So, it’s easy’ish. Regardless, it’s great branding, cute concept. Nike owns this game, everyone else just plays in it.

Rating: 7

Suggestions: Add a squash court and seed the hedge fund apparel market.

8: Loterías y Apuestas del Estado “Justino” or State Lotteries “Justin”
[Thanks, Google Translate] Our take: Was this for, Zoloft, or a PSA for plight of blue-collar careers in 2015? Took a while for the plot to reveal itself. Lotteries are tough subjects, since there’s an endless civic debate on who it helps, and more sharply, hurts.

Rating: 3

Suggestions: The dividends on repurposing this commercial for other brands is high. Liscense it to Pfizer for their Euro markets.

7: Shiseido “High School Girl?”
Our take: It’s just weird in that where’s-the-line-for-discomfort sorta way. The use of the “?” was the first sign. However, it drives the gender-identity message home. Boom. It’s ingenious b/c it’s self-selecting. It serves a knock out punch to those who need it. [don’t raise your hand if that was you]

Rating: 7

Suggestions: None. We are pro whatever-anyone-wants-to-be and universal acceptance, in ads or otherwise.

6: States United to Prevent Gun Violence “Gun Store” 
Our take: Wow. Just wow.

Rating: 11

Suggestions: Play it in every single Super Bowl commercial slot.

5: Atlantic Group “37 Days” 
Our take: Kubrick meets the Apple store meets Matt Damon’s Mars movie. Given climate change, it’s odd timing for a juxtaposition of heat on the polar cap, but well done, with beautiful cinematography, fun concept, and execution. Let’s get an ice cube version in the Sahara. Maybe Trane can play a role and split the cost of a media buy?

Rating: 4

Suggestions: Santa makes a kale smoothie + Get an Ice Cube cameo for the Trane version.

4: The Ad Council “Love Has No Labels” 
Our take: We worked with the Ad Council once. We like. And considering humans share 50% of their DNA with a banana, this ad makes perfect sense. We’re all same/same, interconnected. Be nice, humans.

Rating: 9

Suggestions: Maybe Lady Gaga cameo for that over-the-top feeling? Otherwise, this is a win.

3: Comcast Xfinity “Emily’s Oz”
Our take: So, which is it, “Comcast” or “Xfinity”? Comcast is going the extra mile to overcome an Everest of bad customer sentiment. In a vacuum this ad is one step in that journey. Looking forward to installment 50.

Rating: 6

Suggestions: Infinite repeat.

2: Snickers “Brady Bunch”
Our take: Not sure this beats the Joe Pesci “glove model” line, but Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi is a nice combo.

Rating: 7.5

Suggestions: More ax work.

1: Geico “Unskippable”
Our take: Thank you Geico for this early Xmas gift. The “Unskippable” ad series (now with the diorama Kungfu grip) is great! We love it. Not kidding. Secondly, give these actors an Oscar for keeping straight faces.

Rating: 9.257

Suggestions: You’d get a 10 if the dog ate the salad.



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